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Which tonic for this gin? Probably one of the most asked questions when it comes to exploring the world of tonics and gins. But what is tonic water? What is Indian tonic? Why is tonic water so bitter and where does quinine come from? Fruitful, sweet, dry or black tonic water: Learn all about this mixer and what else you could use when there is no tonic around, like syrups, cordials, tea or other soft drinks.


Gin is what GinGinGin is all about. Reviews of gins, background information about how a gin is produced, distilled and which botanicals are being used for a gin. Profiles of gins and juniper based spirits like Genever, knowledge about gin brands and the story behind a gin. And of course recommendations to the important question "Which tonic should I combine with my gin?"

Gin knowledge

Things you always wanted to know about gin. What is a London Dry Gin? What is a New Western Gin? Where does gin come from? Which tonic works best with a gin? What does Navy strength mean? In this section you can learn a lot about gin and tonic and stand out the next time someone wonders what gin is all about.

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