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It never feels like that much work when you start and then all of a sudden it takes quite some time to get to where you want things to be …

Welcome to the new and simplified GinGinGin website!

First of all I am thrilled and happy to have you here. Hopefully this serves you with all the information and entertainment you are looking for. And if it does not I am super happy if you have any recommendations for me. Don't be shy :)

Why a new website?

At the end of May 2018 we had this tiny little thing called GDPR coming into effect. My old version of this website was simply not compliant. Despite me not really wanting to kill the old site I felt that I could not ignore the elephant in the room like so many others. So I chose a new software to run the blog, one that does not need Google fonts, one that does not rely on a million plugins, one that simply serves content and does nothing else. And I like how it turned out. It is far from being perfect but for now the idea is to go live and fix things later.

Wait, This used to be in German, wasn't it?

Well observed! That is the reason why so much of the old content is not here anymore. I chose to switch to English because I made so many new friends in this gin and tonic journey from all over the place that I figured it is worth including them in my publication and letting them understand what I am writing.

Not being a native speaker I might make more mistakes than others. Again I am truly happy about every single thing you point out to me. A typo? I'll fix it asap. Continuous misuse of words or weird grammar? Tell it like it T.I.IS. (a little music reference for you from the B-52s). Really, it helps me a lot to get better. Thanks for taking the time whereever you fell like getting in touch.

Where should I follow?

You like my stuff? Great! I am humbled to hear that. I am running this blog as the new core of my gin communication. This is where the magic will happen. This is where things will be.

Instagram will be a short version of what happens around here. And there are comment options as well. I will not bother to create that here on the blog. It is barely used anyway and it just creates privacy issues. So feel free to follow GinGinGin on instagram for photos and discussions and the occasional video or survey.

The GinGinGin Youtube channel will carry additional videos which I will link to from here as well. Again, I am happy about every subscriber to the channel as well, more videos are in the making already.

Twitter has barely been used by me so far but I feel like reviving it so following @ginginginde is a great idea for communicating as well.

What's next?

I have so many things right up my sleeves which I will talk about here as well, but for now the most current thing is the new 2018 edition for the Gin & Notes notebook. If you would like one or feel like buying one for a friend stay tuned to this blog or follow the book's instagram feed @ginnotesbook.

Thanks for all your support on the website and on Instagram. It really makes a difference to have all of you lovely people around. If you like things around here feel free to tell others, and if you don't let me know how I can improve.

Cheers and Ginsalabim!