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Should you be in the market to buy a few gins for your collection, and I would be surprised if you were not and still be reading this, I have to tell you a bit about the new Just Gin voucher book.

The big gin coupon collection

The book delivers a whole lot of little gin profiles (German language and gins only), short and nicely layouted, with double page spreads per gin. This way you can get to know a few gins which you might not have encountered yet. Some examples of the profile pages in the gallery below.

The core idea of the Just Gin coupon book though is the chance to save some money when you buy gins the next time. Some coupons give you the chance to buy the gins up to 20% discounted, and the highest price reduction by calculation is a buy two get one free (33% discount).

At an average price of 35–40 Euros the book pays for itself when you buy two or three bottles already.

Buy the book online

The book is available from the Just Gin webite and usually gets to you within a few days. The price is € 14,95 and the format is a bit larger than a CD case, ca. 15 × 15 cm.

A nice gin book

The Gin Gutscheinbuch 2019 is a fine way to start growing your gin collection while paying attention to the price. Yes, there might be resellers who offer lower prices than the official stores where you can use the coupons but with 20 % you can undercut the prices in quite a few situations. Plus this might be a great gift for that gin loving friend of yours, who has oh so many bottles. With the book you can be pretty sure that she or he has still some gin to discover.

And a little note about books: The Gin & Notes Vol. 2 notebook with more in-depth profiles and other interesting things about gin, and of course many wonderfully designed pages for your notes, doodles, checklists, and even the next score for that Hollywood block buster. Follow this website or the @ginnotesbook Instagram feed for some coupons and a chance to win a book or maybe a gin as well.