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You like gin? You know a few things already? But you would like to try a few more gins and do not feel like buying many full bottles? Maybe a gin tasting is a good idea!

Tasting great gins with good friends in Hamburg

Reading a blog is too dull and you would rather like to hear about gin and taste it yourself? Let's get together and do exactly that. You bring the friends (up to 9 plus yourself) and I bring the gins and matching tonics. A bit of ice and some glasses from me and we are ready to roll.

The history of gin and distillation

While we start to discover the gins you will gather knowledge about the history of gin, what makes a good gin and what are the differnet gins on the market today. What is a botanical and how are gins produced. I'll give you a short and entertaining insight but promise to not bore you with nerdy details (unless you ask me too).

More than 300 gins to choose from

Although there are even more gins in the GinGinGin collection there are about 100 available to taste. In order to have enough to taste we will talk about which gins will be interesting to you and which ones we will need more of.

Gin tasting in Hamburg for up to 10 friends

Tasting just by yourself is boring and that is why a tasting should be with friends. There is enough space for up to 10 friends and that has turned out to be a good size for tastings as well.

Epic Hamburg harbour view included

The location is located right at the ELbe and you can see the ships pass by and watch the busy traffic in the Hamburg harbour while exploring the different tastes and smell the different botanicals at work.

Free Gin & Notes book included

In order to write down your notes and remind yourself to buy a gin you get a free limited edition book to write down your tasting notes. And the great thing about this book is that it serves as a wonderful notebook as well. People just love it.

A great gift for a gin lover

Of course you can give a gin tasting to a friend as well. Why not surprise someone with a gin tasting where all friends show up and you all have a good time. Or it is possible to give a voucher to one of the open tastings. Either way, a great way to give away a great experience.

Booking and gin tasting dates

Currently all dates are booked out until September 2018 but we are working on new dates and will let you know when we have new slots available.

Cheers and Ginsalabim!