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So far I have not been too deep into cocktail territory. But after having bought the 12 bottle bar book I must admit that I am very curious and eager to get the cocktail craft a bit more into my gin blogging routine.

Since the bush of basil in our kitchen has been growing and growing and growing I thought it would be a responsible thing to do to get a clear view again and use some of those window blocking leaves into a tasty cocktail.

Meet the Gin Basil smash

We are talking about a fairly simple, yet outstandingly delicious cocktail. Invented at the Bar Le Lion in Hamburg run by Mr. Jörg Meyer it is a honour to have something from my neck of the woods on the blog as the first cocktail. What do we need?


  • 5 cl Gin
  • 2.5 cl lemon juice
  • 1.5 cl simple syrup
  • a bunch of basil sprigs
  • ice

What else

  • a boston shaker
  • strainer
  • a rock glass


Now as promised this one is fairly straight forward. First muddle the basil leaves with the lemon juice in your shaker. More basil does not hurt, you need your vegetables, don't you?!

Add the gin and the syrup after that and fill the shaker with ice. Now start shaking for 20 seconds. You really want to get the chlorophyll to come out of the leaves and into your drink. Heavy shaking = hulk-style green.

Before you get yourself hurt it is time to double strain the drink into a rock glass to filter out bits of leaves. However it is a nice decoration and wonderful for the nose to add a sprig of basil leaves as decoration.

Ice could be added if you are afraid of being slow in drinking and getting the drink warm. But probably it is too delicious to let that happen.

I used the Berliner Brandstifter Gin for this smash which worked quite well with it's hints of woodruff. But other gins will work as well of course. Have fun trying this one yourself.

The GinGinGin transparency declaration

This gin was a free sample by the producer in order for us to review the bottle. There are and were no obligations nor any edits of this content by the producers. Products tasted and reviewed by GinGinGin are all equally treated, paid for or free samples. If we like gins we buy them afterwards as well. If we do not like them you will read about it as well. When people ask if we would like to review a bottle, it is the first thing we mention to them that this does not guarantee a positive review. Get in touch to know more about reviews of gins. #Advertising / #Werbung