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Gin and Notes is a book produced by GinGinGin at the end of 2017 and the first 150 copies sold out within days. But there will be new editions of this book very soon.

What's inside the Gin notebooks?

The first edition held 140 pages including 12 pretty double-spread reviews of gins from all different origins.

Which gins are profiled in edition 1?

  • Gin Xoriguer Mahon
  • Gin Sul
  • Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin
  • Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin
  • Generous Gin
  • Blackwood Vintage Dry Gin
  • Opihr Oriental Spices Gin
  • Ferdinand's Quince (Gin)
  • Brockmans Premium Gin
  • Berry Bros. & Rudd No. 3
  • Star of Bombay
  • Copperhead Gin

The notebook pages

This is not one of those books for your coffee table. We want you to use this book. Day in day out. take notes, doodle, sketch, jot down tasks, write down appointments. In order to make this book super versatile but not so boring the pages have different styles. There are lines, shapes, and more printed inside for you so you can use it as …

  • … a calendar
  • … a notepad
  • … a mandala template
  • … a task list
  • … a planner for goals and achievements
  • … your social media editorial plan
  • … a 3D sketch pad
  • … a sudoku solving help
  • … a book to write scores for your next symphony
  • … a pad for calculation
  • … a drawing pad for your next interior design

Edition 2 and 3 in the planning stage

Now, the first edition is probably gone for good, but if you are interested in buying or giving the new editions you should keep your eyes on this website or on the books' Instagram profile ( where we will share previews as well.

Producers and distributors

You are a producer or distributor? Get in touch if you are interested in being featured. We are planning special customised editions as well.