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Tuesday · Welcome to the Fever-Tree BCB Safari

After a first day of getting the hang of the show and exhibition the intense but fun part started: Ginfluencers and I started the Safari across the BCB floors interviewing all kinds of spirits partners of Fever-Tree.

Pairing Mixers and Spirits

The fun thing about the invitation we got from Fever-Tree to cover Bar Convent Berlin for them is and was the fact that we got access to so many booths and products. Since Fever-Tree does not just offer a tonic but a full range of mixers we had a list of partners who prefer the Fever-Tree mixers which was impossible to get through right from the get-go. But here are a few of the stops I was able to make by myself and in parts with @ginfluencers

Siegfried Wonderleaf, Adamus Gin, Seedlip and Æcorn Aperitifs

For the first time I gut to try the Adamus Gin which comes in an extremely sophisticated bottle. This cork top beauty certainly makes for a great gift. And that is what we learned from the team at the booth: People often come via packaging design and return as a regular customer a few days later.

The gin is light and brings a strong grape nuance with it. They produce a grappa and a brandy as well, which both being grape based makes sense to make full use of the potential in the grapes.

Then we had so much fun at the joint Seedlip and Æcorn aperitifs booth. Mr. Howard and his team made it so easy for us to capture some nice shots and we loved the work with them. Both brands are from the same company, one offering the spirits and the other remade aperitifs, all of them with zero ABV. I am sure there will be more about these in the future as the Seedlip drinks are so far the most convincing No-Alcohol approaches I could try.

Staying in camp alcohol free for a moment a stop over at Siegfried with their take on a non ABV gin-replacement made sense. Their version has a way lower shelf life of only 6 weeks but if you are into cloves their replacement might be for you. certainly an alternative to regular spirits when you have to drive or something like that prevents you from having a drink.

Gin Sul - Fogo do Sul, Luxardo BBT, and an Otto Sour

With the Gin Sul 'Fogo do Sul' being released on the 16th of October it was great to capture this one and getting a first sip. Spicy and with the great chili touch in the serve I got to see created in front of my lens. I would have loved to chat more with distiller Doris but maybe that is something for a podcast. I hope so.

Mr. G from Luxardo created a nice BBT, a Luxardo Bitter Bianco Tonic for me to shoot and while he got to pick a business card for me I could try it. Nice and I would have loved to have more but with a long list and an even longer day ahead of me … next time :)

We do not stop just for gin and when a guy my wingman knew some guy from high school at a booth, we quickly stopped to see a Korn Sour take shape in front of our cameras this time. The Bismarck Otto Korn was the base here.

From Cuba to Bavaria: Havana Club and The King Gin

When you start looking around beyond the gin horizon there are obviously a million products. So Havana Club rum might not be the first choice but as these guys were super quick and helpful, and since I have enjoyed this before, I was easily convinced to stop for a cocktail being created.

Untried before, was The King Gin from Bavaria where we got to try the classic and the sweeter 'Gspusi' versions of the gin. Quite a discovery, need to look into this one a bit closer some time.

There were more stops, and on Instagram you find some videos which go along with these discoveries as well. Just check the BCB highlights on my Instagram profile @ginginginde.

That was a super busy day, but it was not over yet: bottlerocket Berlin invited us over to a party with McQueen and the violet fog gin and Bumbu Rum which I will report about in an upcoming review.

Three days at Bar Convent Berlin

The GinGinGin transparency declaration

I was invited to Bar Convent Berlin by Fever-Tree Germany to cover some of the action on one of the days and by De Kuyper to join some of their launches and events as well. I am happy to announce this paid partnership as I can certainly stand behind the products by them. In the past I have talked about the products as well without being paid and hope to make this as transparent as possible by giving you this long 'disclaimer'. There are and were no obligations nor any edits of this content by the companies inviting me to cover BCB with / for them.

Products tasted and reviewed by GinGinGin are all equally treated, paid for or free samples. If we like gins we buy them afterwards as well. If we do not like them you will read about it as well. When people ask if we would like to review a bottle, it is the first thing we mention to them that this does not guarantee a positive review. Get in touch to know more about reviews of gins. #Advertising / #Werbung