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Today I have a post a little different reporting from a visit to the trade show nordstil in Hamburg. The fine folks of Linden No. 4 Dry Gin told me that they were in town and we met up at the Hamburg trade show.

First stop: Linden No. 4 Dry Gin

This was not your regular gin event but spirits were a specialty as it was a fair mainly focussed on home, garden, interior, and similar things.

It's always nice to discuss all things gin and talk to the makers. There are so many things to learn and I even got some additional information for my Linden No. 4 review which I will add a bit later. Both Stefan and Marc (left to right) have other jobs than just the Gin and it is amazing to hear and feel how they work on their gin passion with so much energy. We talked bottle design, distilling process and I heard some "real world feedback" by some visitors. My rating seems to be in sync with many people out there, not ust experts.

They are working on something new already and I cannot wait to let you know what it is as soon as I am allowed to.

Next: Timbercoast an amazing concept and great products

The next stop took me to Timbercoast. These people, I met Ben and Jonas, are amazing. Go and read the details on their website if you find a minute or two. Basically they are a shipping company raising awareness about the polution caused by ships. What?! Yes, those vast amounts of fossil fuels used and oil and grease dumped into oceans etc. But they have a plan: Sailing ships as their fleet. And they have started their work with one already.

Now what they do is ship spirits in barrels and that way you get a great aging going on because the movement on sea helps to move the alcohol in the barrels consistently. Their distillery is on the Canary Islands and uses local sugarcane for the rum. I tried a 10 year old rum which is in a Bourbon cask first. It takes another 8 months to age on the North Atlantic. And when the journey is over the rum ages for another 6 month in a red wine cask if I remember correctly. I will definitely take closer look in the future. Check out their other products as well, which look and sound amazing as well. A great move to protect the environment and raise awareness with great products.

Local talk with Knut Hansen

After the little rum excursion I met Caspar from Knut Hansen Dry Gin after that talking about their recent past and how far their distribution has been moving forward. Amazing how successful this gin has become in such a short time.

The batch number on their bottles is amazing. Even more exciting to still have a sealed batch number 1 bottle on the shelf :) The review was on already but I will bring it back soon in English.

Bembel Gin – Apple Superload from Hesse

One of the gins I had not tried before was the Bembel Gin from Hesse. There are reviews all over the place and many people love it or hate it. Obviously there are a lot of reviews talking about gummibears and artificial flavours. And I agree to some extent: The nose is like a bowl of apple candy. The taste as well. But as Jorin explained, and I totally get it, he really wnated to boost the apple and not just have a half-way-solution. This is not really a gin as you might expect it, but as a mixer for cocktails this would definitely work I guess. And even in something like a Negroni I can imagine this to stand out. So be warned on the one hand, the reviews are true when they warn you about strong apple notes, but if you are looking for a fruit bomb this might be just your thing in summer drinks.

No hangover? one:47

Before getting to the last gin booth that day I stopped at the booth of one:47 who produce a small shooter / powder to create a little shooter, which is supposed to reduce the pain when having one drink too much. Interesting product with ginger, acerola and ginko. I might write more about that in the future. The taste was nice and a lot better than an Aspirin or the alikes.

Reginerated threefold

Before the visit came to an end I had a last stop at the reGINerate booth. Again I simply had not gotten around to try this gin from Krefeld. There are 3 versions on the market right now:

  • Blue: There Most classic gin. Two types of juniper and some lemon verbena amongs other botanicals make this a nicely spiced gin. Really smooth and yet with a zing.
  • Black: 13 botanicals, among them such interesting additions as pineapple. A really strong fruit and spice combo which is probably best served in a summer G&T I would say.
  • Red: You guessed it, a sloe gin with 43 % ABV but it's not a liqueur, because they really wanted a gin with all the alcohol needed none of the sugar a liqueur would probably get. Quite an interesting slow which they served with some Fever-Tree Aromatic tonic. Not that it would need a tonic, but this one worked quite well.

It's a wrap

That pretty much sums up my little gin discovery at the nordstil 2018 in Hamburg. Hope you liked the little road trip report.

Cheers and Ginsalabim!